Some customers are using the TRMC USB converter cable. This device may require the installation of a specific driver

When installing Axiome Basic, these drivers files are usually copied with the Axiome Basic installation program. Anyway depending on your Windows version you might need new drivers versions

Customers using TRP devices might also need USB drivers to communicate between the PC and the TRP. The procedure explained hereafter can the also be used

In any case, the most recent version of the USB drivers files can be found the following web site FTDI is the manufacturer of the USB interface chip. Please choose the VCP driver type

When you connect the USB cable to the PC, Windows will ask you which driver to use. When using the Axiome Basic installation program, specify a specific location named "c:\tetraedre\install_drivers\USB_drivers"

When the installation is over, a new COM port has been created. To verify this, go into the Control Panel => Administration tools => Computer Management, then choose Peripherals manager. At this step, you should see the new COM port (see picture below)

Write down the COM port created (COM17 in this example). This number will be useful later when you try to communicate with the TRMC or with the TRP