TPM-3 : Gas pressure monitoring

The TPM-3 is a device, of measure and recording, working on battery specially developed for the monitoring of gas pressure.

  • Monitoring of the gas pressure
  • Monitoring of gas consumption


  • Measure of the input pressure and the output pressure
  • Measure of the ambient temperature
  • Possibility to connect the gas correctors
  • Activate alarms when the safety valves go off
  • Battery operated
  • Programming of the frequency of measure and transmission

Thanks to the TPM-3 you have the useful data concerning the pressure and the consumption of gas. You can so manage the supply of gas in a optimal way.

How does it work ?

The main function is to store and to transmit measures of temperature and pressure. These data come from sensors pressure EX which are connected to the TPM-3. Entries for 2 sensors of safety are planned as well as an entry for a gas meter and a corrector of gas. To ensure a total safety, the TPM-3 is composed of intrinsic safety barriers, ATEX zones 2.

The TPM-3 stores data at regular interval then transmits them to a server. The interval of measure can be scheduled according to your desires ( the typically 1 hour).
The data arrive directly on a Web server (TDS, Tetraedre software). The developer can visualize then almost live (depending on settings), the pressure and the temperature of gas lines. The TPM-3 and the probes work with a battery which is in the TRMC-19, integrated into a EX box. It is about a rechargeable battery or about a replaceable battery.
All the data are also stored in the TPM-3 and can be read with an USB cable.

The TPM-3 can send SMS alarm in case of pressure drop or trigger safety valves.

TPM-3 adaptable according to your needs

The TPM-3 is flexible and programmable according to your needs. We are designers of these devices it means that we can adapt them at your convenience.

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