TRP-Full Multi to LoRa / wM-Bus OMS EPS
Radio Link M-BUS: data from a meter with two destinations
product_TRP-Full Multi to LoRa / wM-Bus OMS EPS

The Radio Link M-BUS module is used to send meter data to two recipients. Thus, the industrial departments which read their meters have the possibility of offering their own customers access to their data directly on the site.

  • Reading in stationary mode
  • Mobile reading (in car, on foot, etc.)
  • Industrial services
  • Utility companies
  • Billing
  • Smart metering
  • Monitoring of industrial processes
  • Meter-to-cash


  • Great autonomy
  • Multiple input protocols (M-BUS, Pulse, SCR)
  • Data reading by a third party
  • Attractive price
  • Compact
  • Easy installation thanks to the mounting holes located on the side of the housing
  • M-BUS slave interface for the customer's PLC

The Radio Link M-BUS makes it possible to read the data of a remote meter thanks to its different interfaces:

  • pulses
  • SCR
  • M-BUS

Radio Link M-BUS sends data by Wireless M-BUS (WMBUS) radio and also by wired M-BUS.






How it works ?

A Wireless M-BUS interface is used to send the meter data that has been read by radio. The M-BUS interface is of the "M-BUS master" type. This means that it is the module that will read the counter. It is also possible to read the counter in SCR.

A second M-BUS interface, of the "M-BUS slave" type is used to allow an external system to come and interrogate the module in order to obtain the counter data. Thus a third party can also obtain the data from the meter.

The device also has the pulse counting function. Either in "counting by time interval" or "individual pulse storage" mode.
The "counting by time interval" mode makes it possible to know, for example, how many pulses have been counted in 30 minutes.

The system is powered by a lithium battery, which is replaceable. If a third party wishes to have access to the data (via the slave M-Bus), he must then also supply the module with a + 24VDC power supply.


Two possible variants

It is possible to configure many parameters on the Radio Link M-BUS. In addition, a version with memory (Radio Link M-BUS LOGGER) is also available. It is used to record the data received from the counters.
The module can be used as a simple data logger. It can be very useful in diagnosing problems. One device for multiple applications.

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