Sonde conductivité température niveau
TSPC-122 Conductivity, temperature and pressure probe
product_Sonde conductivité température niveau

The TSPC-122 probe is a probe capable of measuring the conductivity, the pressure and the temperature of the water.

  • For measurements in wells
  • For measurements in reservoirs, tanks or cisterns
  • For measurements in surface or deep
  • For measurements in wastewaters


  • Conductivity, pressure and temperature in only one probe
  • Interface of digital communication MODBUS
  • Compatible with datalogger TRMC™
  • Stability, robust and compact
  • Ventilated cable
  • IP68, 22mm diameter
  • Excellent accuracy

It can be used in several domains thanks to its size of 22mm of diameter and 180mm of length.

The options regarding the measurement ranges and cable length are variable. You so have the choice to take the probe with the technical characteristics adequate to your site to monitor.

The probe is compact and robust. It offers an excellent long-term stability. The temperature probe is in platinum, the electrodes of measure of conductivity are in ceramic.

Wide range of level measure: from 1 to 160m
Wide range of temperature measure: -5 to +60°C
Wide range of conductivity measure: up to 100mS/cm

The probe is delivered with a cable with capillary and a protection against humidity

The communication protocol is a standard MODBUS RTU with interface TTL 5V


How does it work?

The probe can be connected to a datalogger with an interface MODBUS RTU TTL. The datalogger TRMC™ is compatible with the probe TSPC-122. When the datalogger questions the probe, this one makes the desired measure. The TRMC™ stores the values at regular intervals and then sends them remotely by GPRS/GSM/3G to a server. Thanks to diverse safety mechanisms, the communication is very reliable. The data arrive directly on the server and can be exported to Excel format. Tetraedre provides the TDS™ software which allows the display of the data.
Everything works on battery during several months, even several years. The system can work also with a solar panel. The TRMC™ also controls the power of the probe. The TRMC™ is also capable of sending SMS in case of alarm (exceeding of thresholds, etc.).


Technical details and specifications

Level measure:
To specify when ordering. Between 0-1m to 0-160m. Error ±0.1%FS. Temperature compensated 0.01%FS

Temperature measure:
-5°C à +60°C. Resolution 0.01°C. Error ±0.1°C

Conductivity measure:
To specify when ordering. Available ranges: 0-1mS/cm or 0-10mS/cm or 0-100mS/cm. Error ±1%FS. Temperature compensated. Resolution 0.01%FS

Interface :
Modbus RTU TTL 5V. Power +5V to +12V

Delivered with our without fixation

Additionnal ressources and information

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