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TDS - Tetraedre Data Server
Communication management software for TRMC and TPT devices. MySQL database
product_TDS - Tetraedre Data Server

Tetraedre proposes the TDS™ software, that stores all the data sent by TRMC™ devices. It is a system which works through web page. Easy to use and user friendly, you can read the values of your devices on your computer almost instantaneously. The data can be represented in graphical forms or in a raw format.
It is possible to export the data in PDF or Excel format. So, with a few clicks, you can, for example, make invoicing.

  • Read your measures remotely
  • Monitor your installations
  • Change the parameters according to your wishes
  • Export data in excel of pdf format with one click only
  • Monitoring of an unlimited number of installations


  • Possibility to install the software on your server : confidentiality assured
  • Reception and data processing
  • Change the parameters according to your wishes
  • Export data in Excel or PDF format with one click only
  • Creation of alarms by e-mail
  • Storage of big volumes of data
  • Fast, flexible and modular

Interaction from your office with your devices

Thanks to a personal user account and protected by a password, you can log in to TDS™ to view data but also to change the parameters of TRMC™. From your computer, you can :

  • Change the time of connection
  • Change the frequency of connection or acquisition of the data
  • Change the look of your grafics
  • Create alarms via e-mail (lack of data, exceeding a threshold, battery level, credit insufficient)
  • Monitor battery status of your devices
  • Export the data in PDF of Excel format
  • Make sure the credit of your SIM cards is sufficient

No matter the number of TRMC™ you have, thanks to TDS™ you can manage all remotely and check that everything works. This is a logical solution that receives and processes the data as per your needs



TDS™ adaptable according to your needs

TDS™ can be modified according to your needs. Its functioning is constantly evolving and the interface may change depending on your need.
For more privacy, TDS™ can be installed on the client's server.
TDS™ can also export data to specific software, CSV, Excel, XML or through the SOAP WebService interface.

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