TRMC-1 Pulse 4G
2G/3G/4G Datalogger Remote Transmitter for 1 meter Pulse
product_TRMC-1 Pulse 4G

The TRMC-1 Pulse is a compact battery powered datalogger and 2G/3G/4G transmitter. Designed to remotely send the consumption of a Pulse meter, it will run for years on battery.

  • Billing
  • Energy monitoring
  • Provide a customer with web access to their consumption via the TDS (Tetraedre Data Server) platform


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for billing
  • Compact format
  • Run on battery for many years regarding the configuration
  • Connectivity: 2G/3G/4G
  • Users can use their own SIM cards. Tetraedre also offers them at a low price
  • ABS Housing : 197mmx90mmx62mm excluding antenna
  • Antenna: length 110mm diameter 10mm
  • Battery: lithium 3.6V/19Ah or 38Ah internal, replaceable
  • The customer can freely configure the device
  • Very attractive price

At configurable interval, the module sends the values to the TDS server on which
it is possible to display charts and export the data in many formats. The TDS
server can also forward the data to other servers or EDM systems for example
The module is configured using a XML file that can be modified with any text
editor by the customer. For instance, it is possible to select the desired
acquisition and sending interval of the values : 1x/day, 1x/hour, 1x/15 minutes,
A USB programming cable INF-USB-RJ12 is required to configure the module
along with the free software Axiome Basic available on in
the download section.
The configuration can also be remotely changed through the TDS server. The
battery level is also displayed on the web page.


The TDS server has been designed to easily create individual credentials
allowing each of your customers to only see their own meters.
An optionnal export module can be activated in oder to automatically push data
in various formats such as SOAP, JSON, CSV through HTTP or FTP.

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