Fluorimeter solution: detection of tracers

Do you need an effective measuring device to detect tracers and to measure the turbidity of the water? Our system containing a TRMC-5 and a fluorimeter FL-24 or FL-30, sends you the remote measured values. So the quality of your water is constantly monitored and if the values change in a significant way, you can then act accordingly.

Our devices allow to measure the concentration of the tracer. You can so know how long it took for the water to flow between the injection place and the measurement place.

Multi-parameter measurement solution

The monitoring of a spring becomes easy thanks to our system. Indeed, according to the equipment of the TRMC-5, it is possible to measure at the same time the conductivity, the turbidity but also the water level. The TRMC-5 is the heart of the system and can receive several data of various sensors. It transmits then the values by GPRS or GSM.

The TRMC-5 is compatible with several measuring devices:

  • A probe pressure: which allows to know the flowrate, the level and the temperature of the water.
  • A probe conductivity: which allows to know the concentration of salt mineral.
  • A probe pH.
  • A rain gauge.
  • Meters and flowmeters.

A big advantage of our system, it is compatible with several manufacturers.

Our system showed its ability. Indeed, we have devices installed in the heart of Africa. They measure and monitor the level and the quality of the wells' water. Several refugee camps depend on this water for their survival.

Radon and CO2 measurement solution

Tetraedre is developing electronic dataloggers and sensors for scientific and industrial applications. We work especially for Radon and CO2 measurement applications, since several years

Our system is composed of our TRMC-5, Radon sensor (M_58) and a CO2 sensor.

The central unit of the system is the TRMC-5 datalogger. It has an extremely small power consumption and thus allows battery operation for several months or even several years. The device has a built-in flash memory to store the measurements made with the connected sensors. The memory is big enough to store several months of data.

The datalogger can communicate either with a PC through a USB cable or to a remotely either to a PC or to a web server. The TRMC has a built-in GSM/GPRS communication modem to send data remotely. That datalogger has also analog inputs (for CO2 sensors), pulse inputs (for Radon sensor) and digital ouputs to control the Radon pump and the CO2 heating system.