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About us

TETRAEDRE Sarl is a company created in Switzerland in spring 1999 to develop, manufacture and distribute highly efficient embedded electronic appliances.

TETRAEDRE is located in Auvernier near the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, well-known for its ultra low-power consumption electronic industry. The technical staff of the company is composed of engineers mastering the new technologies of the Internet, the microelectronics and earth sciences.

TETRAEDRE is currently developing a complete new set of products that will give a Remote/Web access to different devices. It is focusing on the niche market of ultra low-power consumption applications needing remote control.

TETRAEDRE develops both the hard- and the software and controls completely the added value chain. TETRAEDRE is permantly seeking for new opportunities to promote its technology, conquer markets and to expand the company.


Address : TETRAEDRE Sarl
Rue des Epancheurs 34b
2012 Auvernier
Tel : +41 32 730 61 51
+41 76 570 71 75
Fax : +41 32 730 61 51
E-mail :
Web : www.tetraedre.com
CEO : Thierry Schneider

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