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Save money by buying gas at the right price. Discover the consumption profile of your customer. Monitor your network with Tetraedre's products!

Tetraedre proposes efficient products especially developped for gaz distribution applications. These devices are the result of a joint development effort of Tetraedre and several professional companies in this field.

With the datalogger TRMC-19 you have the ability to accurately track the gas consumption of your major consumers. Indeed it is possible to record, for example every hour, the gas flow. The data are stored in the device and then transmitted, for example, once a day or once a week to a computer. So you can better plan your gas consumption.

Tetraedre's TRMC datalogger consume very little power and can operate on battery power for months or years. TRMC devices are equipped with a GSM modem to communicate from anywhere where the GSM network is available.

The TRMC-19 was developed in collaboration with professionals working for the industry. This is why it fits the needs of these applications.

The TRMC-19 has 4 input pulse (for pulse counters 4), 4 digital inputs (to send alarms) and an extension slot

The following expansion cards lets you add features to the TRMC-19:

  • Probe Coder : Expansion board to read GWF Coder meters
    This card allows you to read the serial number of counters and the value of the index. You can read 4 meters with a single card!
  • Probe Elster EK260 : Expansion board to read Elster EK260 gaz converters
    This card can communicate with an Elster EK260 gaz corrector. It can read many parameters (pressure, temperature, flow rate correction coefficient ,...). All these values are stored, for example, every hour.

In summary, you will:

  • Save money because you know your consumption better and can negotiate more accurate prices
  • Discover the consumption profile of your customers and be able thus to manage gas better
  • Monitor your network by keeping an eye on pressure, temperature, ...