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Tetraedre's developped devices have two essential characteristics:

  • Battery operation
  • GSM communication

These two factors combined allow unprecedented measurements opportunities at the 4 corners of the world without special infrastructure. It is therefore the ideal solution for various applications of environmental measurement/monitoring.

Below you'll find various examples of application using a Tetraedre's products

  • Continuous measurement of radon in mines, with SMS sending in case of alarm and automatic data transmission by GSM
  • Continuous measurement of CO2 on the flanks of volcanoes in the Congo. European scientists can view the data by calling the devices via the GSM network.
  • Monitoring a population of bats on a site of a future wind farm. Using the feature 'timestamping', you can discover when bats pass near the mast equipped with an ultrasound to electrical impulses converter. Obviously data are available by GSM

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