The arrival of buried containers ease waste collection. Tetraedre has developed a device that frequently measures the filling level of containers and transmits data to a website (or intranet). This helps to further optimize the travels of collection trucks.

As with other areas of application, strength of Tetraedre devices is the fact that they operate on battery for long periods and they transmit their data overt the GSM / GPRS network which available almost everywhere.

As such, Tetraedre has developped the TRMC-15 for waste management applications. This device measures by ultrasound the height of the waste and sends data regularly (typically once per day) these data to a server. The user sees the data on an intranet or internet website

To validate our technology, we have installed with our partner Swisslogix a test container produced by the company Brüco atop a mountain in the Swiss Alps (Jungfraujoch 3471m above sea level) to test the measurement and communication GPRS in difficult conditions. Everything works well, even at -20°C!. The TRMC-15 transmits data every night (see picture above)