Compatibility multi-manufacturers

The datalogger TRMC-19, developed by Tetraedre allows to read and to store the information from water meters.
The TRMC is compatible with the meters of several manufacturers (GWF, Itron, Aquametro, Krohne,...).

For meters with impulses, such as the mechanical meters, simply connect a cable with the TRMC which will count the impulses received and can so recreate profiles of consumption or virtual index.
The TRMC can also read the information of meters with output CS (Aquametro) or SCR (GWF Coder). For these interfaces, we use a wired connection between the TRMC and the meter. These digital protocols allow to read the index and the serial number.

The TRMC also has a radio receiver Wireless M-Bus OMS which allows to receive the data of the radio meters which are installed near the TRMC.

The whole system works on battery and the TRMC was specifically designed for the applications of meters reading.



How does it work ?

The TRMC-19 is an autonomous datalogger, working on battery and able to store and to transmitt indexes and profiles of load remotely via GSM/GPRS. These indexes and profiles result from external meters which are connected to the TRMC either by wire or by radio.
It can work with a single battery during several years. The system requires no power supply other than internal battery which has a lifespan of 6-8 years.
The TRMC-19 can recreate curves of hourly consumption or 1/4 hour.

Generally, the TRMC transmits the measures with regular interval, in GPRS to a TDS server. The TDS software allows to store and to visualize the data through a Web page.



  • Install easily your network of metering
  • Read all of the meters
  • Battery operated
  • Compatibility with meters of several manufacturers
  • Customized product
  • Personalized service
  • Centralized server (at the customer) with access via internet