Quality control of the water

The water catchment are frequently situated in places difficult to access. The datalogger (TRMC-5) developed by Tetraedre is battery operated and has a modem GSM/GPRS. We can install it easily near sources to measure and to check the quality of the water.

Level and water flow

It is essential to know exactly the flow of your sources. You can manage it better and plan its evolution. By connecting a probe pressure coupled with an overflow and with a TRMC, you can so know the flow of the source and the temperature of the water. The use of a flowmeter is also possible.

Turbidity et conductivity

Thanks to the TRMC-5, it is also possible to measure the conductivity and the turbidity of the source. The TRMC-5 is compatible with several devices of probes, in particular the fluorimeters FL-30 produced by Albillia.


How does it work ?

The TRMC-5 is a datalogger with a modem GSM/GPRS possessing input meters of impulse and the analog input (4-20 mA, 0-5V,...). You can download the measures via the network GSM (even from foreign countries)) or transmit them by GPRS. You can also change the parameters (interval of measures, choice of channels) remotely.
We can define thresholds of alarms to receive, for example a SMS when the turbidity increases too much.
The TRMC can also command a sampler of samples as an ISCO.
All the system works with a single battery during several months, even several years.

Generally, the TRMC transmits the measures with regular interval, in GPRS to the server TDS.
The TDS software allows to store and to visualize the data through a Web page



  • Monitor the flow of the water
  • Monitor the level of the water
  • Assess water quality
  • Measure the water temperature
  • Customized product
  • Battery operated
  • Remote reading of the measures